Parachute Rigger

Individuals interested in learning tried-and-true techniques from seasoned parachute riggers can choose the course level that aligns with their skill level and experience. Our expert instructors will provide the oversight trainees need to hone their skills and become successful parachute riggers. At the conclusion of each course, parachute rigger hopefuls will be fully capable of meeting or exceeding the number of packed parachutes required to pass the FAA exam.

Parachute Rigger
Senior parachute rigging.

Senior Parachute Rigger Course

Applicants who enroll in our FAA Senior Parachute Rigger Course will gain essential sewing skills, learn strategic packing techniques, and become familiar with key tools and regulations. Students will also discover what it takes to properly inspect and maintain parachutes while keeping thorough and accurate records.

This course will prepare enrollees for all written, oral, and practical FAA examinations and lay the foundation required to become certified and successful parachute riggers.

Master parachute rigging.

Master Parachute Rigger Course

Our Master Parachute Rigger Course is designed for seasoned parachute riggers who currently hold a senior rigger certificate. Other eligible candidates include individuals who have worked under the supervision of an appropriately-rated parachute rigger and those who hold the knowledge, skills, and experience required to meet master rigger requirements.

This “finishing course” for experienced parachute riggers covers all the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the oral and practical exam, including proper assembly of components, familiarity with current regulations, alterations versus modifications, AD and SB, and repair of major canopies, harnesses, and containers.

“The course was great and tailored to my learning style. I learn best by doing as opposed to just receiving information. Marcelo and Anandae did a great job teaching what needed to be taught and allowing each student to go at their own pace.”

CW3 Master Rigging Training Participant - Feb 2022

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