IDIS owns and operates two world-class, private training facilities in Texas and Arizona. These facilities have no competing interests and are closed to the public, ensuring your unit is never forced to share airspace or aircraft. Our multiple, USPA-certified drop zones and controlled training areas provide access to various terrain and real-world scenarios, resulting in superior tactical and navigational training for your unit.


Choose from three separate training hangars in Hearne, Texas. Each hangar is 3,150 ft2 with 2,230ft2 of padded pack space and a double-locked, climate-controlled gear loft. Each hangar also includes two debriefing stations with HD televisions, tables, chairs, and a refrigerator.

Hearne Municipal Airport (LHB) is conveniently located within ten minutes of commercial lodging and dining. Its runway is currently 4,000 feet long by 70 feet wide, with plans to be extended in the near future. All three hangars are within walking distance of airport drop zones to simplify and streamline your post-jump activities.


Our training facility located in Parker, Arizona features a 15,000ft2 multi-use building with 12,000ft2 of open floor space and 3,000ft2 of double-locked, secure space. This impressive building also offers three multimedia classrooms, a conference room, recreation areas, and a workout space. Industrial swamp coolers cool the open floor space while our premier HVAC system controls temperature in the office spaces year round.

The nearby Avi Suquilla Airport (P20) runway is 6,250ft long by 100ft wide, sitting at 458ft above mean sea level. Avi Suquilla is capable of supporting a variety of civilian and military aircraft, including C-130s and MV-22s. Airspace up to 18,000ft is available with no additional planning. Airspace above 18,000ft requires additional flight plan filing and coordination with FAA elements.

“The navigation portion of the class training was great. The hands-on training with the GPS and Garmin watches really helped us understand our technology and capabilities.”

Training Participant

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